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"You have to find what gives you meaning in life." ~ Melanie Toye
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"Find your purpose and then run with it." ~ Melanie Toye
"Let your heart be filled like the wildness of a circus." ~ Melanie Toye
"Fall in love with a sport or activity and notice how each week when you go do it, how much love it pours into your life." ~ Melanie Toye
"When your gut warns you to not go any further. Listen to it. Even if your brain is giving you all the 'what if reasons' the truth lies in your gut feeling." ~ Melanie Toye
"There is no time for perfection." ~ Melanie Toye
"Take the pressure off yourself." ~ Melanie Toye
"When one can't sleep, one must write." ~ Melanie Toye
"If you're successful future self could tell you one thing, it would be to keep going." ~ Melanie Toye
"Go for the natural highs in life. Learn something new, gather those important to you to watch and perform in front of them what you have been learning. Nothing better than that!" ~ Melanie Toye
"When faced with a fall you weren't expecting, get back up quick, even if you don't know how, you will find a way!" ~ Melanie Toye
"Life is so important don't give it up for anything." ~ Melanie Toye
"Compliment three people every day and watch their face light up into a beautiful smile." ~ Melanie Toye
"You have been given this great body and a fearless mind, how will you best use it today?" ~ Melanie Toye
"When you look back on your life as an oldie, what will be the key highlights that will make you smile?" ~ Melanie Toye
"If you want to challenge your body, you need to start challenging your workouts." ~ Melanie Toye
"Stop nip picking at your falls and celebrate the wins." ~ Melanie Toye
"It's okay to feel things. You should feel things. Feel it, accept that is how you feel and then move on." ~ Melanie Toye
"Look at a box, what do you see?" ~ Melanie Toye