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"We can't do things to please others. In the end, we have to do what is right for us and our own happiness." ~ Melanie Toye
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"I am not going to place my happiness in other people's hands anymore. It's too precious." ~ Melanie Toye
"I am okay and that's enough today." ~ Melanie Toye
"When you feel inspired you need to act." ~ Melanie Toye
"You know when your heart isn't in it anymore, that's when you are able to move on." ~ Melanie Toye
"Have you ever thought about your happiness? Are you happy now?" ~ Melanie Toye
"It's okay to get emotional and it's good to feel those emotions but don't let it rule your life. You still need to be able to have the energy to wash your underwear." ~ Melanie Toye
"Fight for what you want, because when you fight and you lose, then you know you tried and if you win, then you know it was worth the battle." ~ Melanie Toye
"When you start to feel sick, you are either heading in the right direction or in the very wrong direction." ~ Melanie Toye
"Kisses, cuddles, romance ... is it enough or not enough?" ~ Melanie Toye
"Sometimes you might not want to be at home but you also don't want to go anywhere that's when you should go out anyway." ~ Melanie Toye
"Life sometimes spits out shit but it's only so you can clean up and move somewhere else." ~ Melanie Toye
"You can change your path if you envision it first and then take the required action to make it happen." ~ Melanie Toye
"Surround yourself with space. Space clears your mind and frees your emotions." ~ Melanie Toye
"You have to find what gives you meaning in life." ~ Melanie Toye
"Find your purpose and then run with it." ~ Melanie Toye
"Better yourself with action." ~ Melanie Toye
"Let your heart be filled like the wildness of a circus." ~ Melanie Toye